No-Dig Live Exhibition

Scanprobe Techniques

Indoor 17
Unit 11, Kenley Trade Park,
Old Barn Lane
United Kingdom

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Andrew Booth

We have nurtured a range of drain camera systems that have been designed to solve the problems that our customers face in their every-day. 

Our Maxprobe range has been created with the aid of feedback from our loyal customers; what works, what doesn't and what they would like to see. Our most recent go-to-market system, the TrapJumper, has enabled operators to see even further than before, with the enhanced flexibility to navigate tight bends and domestic pipework. 

Launched at the same time, mina Survey, our bespoke survey reporting system with integrated mobile app.  This innovation is arguably our most exciting to date, with over 2000 mobile downloads, mina offers an alternative solution when it comes to reporting your findings.  Automatically formatting your survey data into a tidy pdf report, you can deliver results to your customers before you even leave site, for no additional cost and just a matter of minutes.

We are proud to have a range of drain camera systems that serve a wide range of drainage scenarios, so come along and find out how our systems can benefit your business.


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