No-Dig Live Exhibition


Indoor 35
Synthotech Limited, Milner Court, Hornbeam Square South
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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Simon Langdale
01423 816060

We’re a leading British engineering business, focused on the development of pioneering ‘must have’ products and services for utility and infrastructure markets around the world.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. For over two decades we’ve lead the way in driving significant advancements in the exploration and maintenance of under pressure pipework.

From the day we were established, our values have always remained the same; we believe that longstanding relationships are built on respect, belief, trust, confidence and reward and these five principles continue to be the cornerstones of everything that Synthotech stands for. We’re proud of our reputation and that the fact that today, we’re trusted by some of the most significant gas network owners in the world.


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